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Full-Day excursions bring your group a fantastic balance with a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled, rejuvenating morning, followed by an afternoon of getting up close and personal with the bountiful nature you’re surrounded by in wonderful Wells Gray country.

A 3-hour nature and forest therapy walk will provide your group with an opportunity to slow down and connect with the forest and themselves. Opening the door to experience the many benefits and healing properties Mother Nature has to offer, for example:

  •  Reduces cortisol levels (aka the stress hormone)

  •  Lowers blood pressure

  •  Lowers Heart Rate

  •  Decrease in sympathetic nerve activity and INCREASE in the parasympathetic system (aka rest & digest)  Strengthens the immune system and increases Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) immune cells

  •  Improves focus and cognitive thinking  Helps with managing stress and anxiety

Together with the forest, your guide will provide the space for mostly solo, personal experiences reconvening with your group to share at times. Invitations and councils are crafted in a manner that sharing is always optional but yet often cathartic and profound for not only the person sharing but others in the group.

A safe group interaction that yet is also very much an individual experience. Adhering to a standard sequence that allows for each participant to make of it what they will and get from it what they need while simultaneously maximizing the benefits the forest has to offer.

Forest Therapy walks are uniquely attuned to individual as well as group needs and therefore provide growth opportunities for both individual participants as well as the group as a whole. An excellent team-building opportunity as it unites the team through a connection with the more than human world!

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